Buy and exchange your Star Player Tokens and win with your champions.

What a 3.0 Fan does:

The Star Token is the primary token of the Starcks Platform. It will allow you to purchase the Star Player Tokens dedicated to each player on the Starcks platform or through affiliated exchanges. The primary token will be made on Ethereum substrate (thus EVM compatible) according to the ERC-20 standard. It will be consistent with the significant hot wallets (MetaMask) and cold wallets on the market (Ledger, optionally combinable with MetaMask).

What a 3.0 Fan does:

Buy and exchange Tokens on the platform.
Take part to the performance of your favourite stars thanks to our algorithm.

Do not miss the ICO of the Star Token


The platform that allows you to become a Fan 3.0

Token Distribution

Private pre-sale and public sale hard cap102.000.000
Star issued to Team18.000.000
Star issued to Investors15.000.000
Market operations45.000.000
Strategic acquisition50.000.000

ICO Allocation

Starcks - ICO Allocation chart

Operations: (35%)

Most of the funds will be used for Platform development, acquisition of star naming rights and process security to guarantee users.

Company Building: (20%)

The funds will enable Starcks to build a company with a solid team to ensure growth and maximum compliance with industry best practices.

Community (35%)

The funds will be used to create a community and its engagement on the platform through all the initiatives we will create.

Compliance (10%)

Funds will be used for all on-chain and off-chain code compliance and security.