Licensed and Limited Tokens of the next Stars of Football

Buy and trade them at the right time. Build your career as a crypto player agent, one deal after another.

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Test your football skills

Have you ever dreamed of discovering future talents by betting on their growth potential?

On Starcks, our exchange platform, you can finally make this dream come true and become a great crypto player agent!


Buy the Official Tokens of top football talents, follow them along their career and reap the rewards when they become real champions.


Thanks to Starcks, you can stay one step ahead of others and bet on the talents of the future easily, quickly and transparently.

How it Works

On Starcks, you can buy and trade the Official Tokens of Football Players and bet on their growth potential.


Hold the Tokens in your digital wallet and choose the right time to trade them when you believe your player has reached the peak of success. 


Can you scout the best talent and win because of their successes? You can just sign up and find out on Starcks.


Operate efficiently and intuitively on the platform. Thanks to blockchain technology, all transactions are secure and traceable.

Enter the market now and take advantage of the best opportunities

In 2009, with $1, you could have bought precisely 1319 Bitcoins. As of today, in 2023, how many can you buy for the same price?


This is to make you understand that opportunities are born to be seized at the drop of a hat, and the sooner you get there, the sooner you will enjoy the best results.


We are putting you in front of such an opportunity, and you can get in before everyone else.



The Value of Star Player Tokens

On our Starcks Exchange, you can buy and trade Tokens of top football talents, representing an index of their sports career. 


Star Player Tokens are licensed and exclusive: the player subscribes to a complete equal to the duration of his career and agrees not to create any Tokens other than those listed on Starcks. 


In other words, you cannot purchase Frattesi, Bove, Gonzalez, and all the other Tokens listed on Starcks anywhere else but on our proprietary platform.


Also, Tokens are limited: they are issued in total quantity at the time of Listing. If the player improves over time, you will not run the risk of new tokens being listed to “lower the price.”


What contributes to the value of tokens

The supply and demand of the Community determine token value.


How does it work? Simple, all users who own Star Player Tokens can at any time put them up for sale by choosing the price of the order, which can be the same as the market price, higher or lower.

Users who want to buy the Token must select the quantity, and they will automatically purchase from the orders with the lowest price up to the highest ones.


Imagine that a player is pitched to another team. The demand for his Token will most likely increase: more users will want to buy it than will be willing to sell it, leading to an increase in the price of the Token.

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Here's what to do to buy Tokens on Starcks


Create your account on Starcks

Go to, enter your personal information, register on the APP and start your new adventure on Starcks!

In less than 1 minute you will be able to log in and access your private area within the APP.


Credit your wallet

Enter your Private Area, enter your personal information, a secure password, and proceed with two-step verification (not mandatory).


Link a payment method, credit the Wallet with your desired amount, and start purchasing Star Tokens!


Bet on your favourite players

Once your Wallet is credited, start buying and trading the official Tokens of players from the major European football leagues.


Through them you will actively participate in the Players’ career path through reserved initiatives and contests.


On Starcks, you can buy Tokens of established champions and young bets ready to take off in the coming years. Periodically, we launch a new player and allow everyone to buy their Star Player Tokens at the best price. Every player on the platform is exclusive to Starcks.

We want to convert the passion of more than 2 billion fans for their sports idols into an active community that participates in their success on the playing field. This growing market represents an opportunity to be explored, and our objective is to become the market leader. Every action we take – from the primary token listing to the creation of Token Teams – is designed and implemented to provide fans with a platform where they can finally cultivate their passion with continuous stimulation and interaction and with gamification and engagement, saw before.

Starcks allows you to embark on a digital career as a talent scout. The tokens represent a reliable index of a player’s career and offer you the opportunity to build a wallet of talents that will grow based on their career.

All player tokens are issued in limited quantities. Even if they were to benefit from million-dollar transfers to the premier league or Barcelona, we could not issue more tokens during their careers anyway.  Buying tokens today gives you a chance to get them at the best price considering that the community is still small and the careers of many players you find on Starcks are at the very beginning.

Starcks’ algorithm is finally available in an improved and enhanced version. How will it work?


Starcks put up a predefined number of tokens for each player every league day. Based on his performance, Starcks will burn or sell some or all of the Tokens at the market price to reduce or increase the Token circulating.

Let’s say you purchased Gonzalez or Bove because you believe they will have successful careers. If they play mostly positive games, each day Starcks will buy a portion of their tokens and burn them, taking them off the market.


On a single day it may not have determinative effectiveness, but imagine that such performance was consistent over time. Each time we would remove a few thousand tokens from the market. In a short time, the supply could shrink by a few percentage points and the value of the token would increase accordingly.



We are working to allow you, every Sunday, to test the tokens in your wallet and let you play games with your wallets. You will be able to go up Starcks leagues and win weekly and seasonal prizes. It is scheduled to launch next season. 


Don’t be caught unprepared. Buy the best tokens today and get your wallet ready for competition